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Student Highlights

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Spring 2021


Remote Winternship: Tyler Markovich

Once again, this year's Winternship had a number of talented Tufts applicants--32 students were chosen to complete these remote internships. Here's what junior Tyler Markovich had to say about his experience at UTA, one of the world's leading talent and entertainment companies:

"My remote internship with UTA was brief and informal, but I got the chance to learn about the inner workings of the film industry from successful talent agents and Tufts alumni. It was a good opportunity to ask personal questions. The alumni gave helpful career advice on making the difficult transition from being a student to working professionally in Los Angeles and in film and entertainment. Finally, the alumni were open about their daily schedules. They explained in detail what being a talent agent or assistant at UTA looks like, and the work it takes to get there."


Senior profile: Panella reminisces on a fulfilling 4 years at Tufts

Tuna Margalit The Tufts Daily

May 10, 2021

Senior Chris Panella was featured in The Tufts Daily.


Daily Week Senior Profile: Stephanie Hoechst

Sara Crawford The Tufts Daily

February 25, 2021

Senior Stephanie Hoescht was featured in The Tufts Daily.


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