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Spring 2023 Graduates + Accolades

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The spring semester of 2023 was a remarkable time of celebration, as our graduates, writers, filmmakers, and researchers received well-deserved recognition for their outstanding work. It was truly inspiring to witness their collaborative spirit, mutual support, and the remarkable projects they created. Bravo!

Class of 2023

FMS is thrilled to announce the following 2023 graduates!

Majors: Evelyn Abramowitz, Raynor Ahlstrin-Muniec, Maddie Aitken, Max Behrendt, Jamie Boots-Ebenfield, Ben Bortner, Dylan Brown, Isaias Cevallos, Aidan Chang, Ben Clossey, Julio Delgado, Jake De Pinto, Ella Fasciano, Kaycee Feldman, Lucas Ferrer, Amelia Focazio-Moran, Amanda Ganz, Nicole Garay, Hannah Harris, Mia Joseph, Lucy Kaskel, Samantha Kelleher, Malia Kiang, Johnny Lai, Melanie Litwin, Donovan Menard, Ella Nahr, Tucker Poux, Anya Raikhovski, Justin Rubenstein, Henry Scherb, Sophie Szwartz, Kelsey Trollinger, Hana, Tzou, Katelin Ulmer, Eliseo Vigil, Emily Walker, Hunter Watts, Nayeli Wessell-Meadows, Olivia White, Sabrina Yan, and Annie Yin.

Minors: Ava Autry, Justin Bernstein, Raga Chilakamarri, Lila Felser, Leo Ikle-Maizlish, Joseph Lim, Kate Seklir, Ethan Steinberg, and Silvia Wang


Seniors Honors Thesis

The following students successfully defended their senior thesis projects and received various levels of honors for their projects, which were presented during of our FMS Student Film Festival. Congratulations to Raynor Ahlstrin-Muniec, Benjamin Bortner, Dylan Brown, Aidan Chang, Jake De Pinto, Ella Fasciano, Kaycee Feldman, Hannah Harris, Mike Perik, Sophie Szwartz, Kelsey Trollinger, Donovan Menard, and Olivia White.


FMS Scholarly Writing and Research Award

We are pleased to announce that Jake De Pinto's FMS 165 paper titled "'Write them Like Somebody who Hates Atlanta': Episode descriptions as Paratexts" has been chosen as the recipient of the first annual FMS writing prize for film and media scholarship. Jake's outstanding achievement was recognized and the award was presented during the FMS commencement ceremony on May 21.

CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship + Internship

Kelsey Trollinger, a graduating FMS major, has been named the recipient of this year's Saraceno award. As part of her summer plans, Kelsey will be interning at Bona Fide Productions, based in Los Angeles. This internship opportunity has been made possible through a scholarship supported by CJ's former classmates.

Jamie Boots-Ebenfield, the recipient of the 2022 Saraceno award, is also a graduating student in the class of 2023. Both Kelsey and Jamie were honored at the commencement ceremony on May 21.


FMS Student Film Festival

In addition to our Senior Thesis films and screenplays, we also enjoyed screenings from our Directed Study students, as well as Advanced Documentary Film, From Script to Screen, and Experimental Film classes.

Directed Study: Jamie Boots-Ebenfield, Time Leong, and Tucker Poux

Advanced Documentary Film: Julia Carpi, Maria Clark, Nicole Garay, Malia Kiang, Aaron Klein, Justin Schuster, Ali Slimi, Cecilia Wang, Daniel Wong

From Script to Screen: Abby Sommers, Varun Nagpal, Nick Pietrzak, Peter Wiehe, Justin Rubenstein; Jason Wallace and Kelly Kimbis; Freddie Kim and Sarah Jun

Experimental Film: Jamie Boots-Ebenfield, Aidan Chang, Zayd Charles, Jocelyn Cheng, Julio Delgado, Ella Fasciano, Amelia Focazio-Moran, Elise Fong, Keegan Gleason, Michael Greene, Freddie Kim, Donovan Menard, and Eliseo Vigil

Directed Study; Advanced Documentary; From Script to Screen

Experimental Film expanded cinema screening

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