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FMS Semester Highlights: Fall 2023


CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship fundraiser and film screening

Honoring the CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship fundraiser in Los Angeles! Tufts alums and FMS Director Tasha Oren joined the celebration, featuring a discussion with Ray Romano about his upcoming film. Bona Fide Productions, the generous hosts of the yearly internship funded by the scholarship, were also highlighted. Together, we raised funds to ensure more years of internship opportunities for Tufts students! 🌟


Indie Filmmaking!

Captured on set! 🎬 Students from Howard Woolf's Indie Filmmaking class during a film shoot for the course.

Half the History project: Ellen Garrison film shoot

Behind the scenes at the Half The History Ellen Garrison film shoot. Huge shoutout to Profs Jennifer Burton and Julie Dobrow for producing this incredible project. Kudos to the talented Tufts students who played key roles in costumes, filming, editing, and more! 🎬

Film screening and visit from Mitchell Rose, Tufts alum and filmmaker

Tufts alum and filmmaker Mitchell Rose joined Tasha Oren, Jaclyn Waguespack, and students for a captivating screening and discussion of his short dance films! 🎥✨

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