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Student Film Screening

Student Film Screening.png

With our new cinema space in Barnum 08 open again, we were thrilled to be able to screen student films from our fall production classes in person on the big screen!

From Script to Screen

Don Schechter

Allegiance by Jake DePinto, Emma Mandziuk, and Ella Nahr


Between the Middle and the End by Kaycee Feldman, Raynor Ahlstrin-Muniec, and Kelsey Trollinger


Rendezvous by Colin Wang, Tim Leong, Tyler Markovich, and Sophie Szwatrz

Film and Media Production I

Natalie Minik


The World is Mine by Ella McConnell


Sabotage by Isabel Morales

Film and Media Production I

Don Schechter


The Mise-En-Scène Murders by Dalton Fisher, Matthew Cho, Rachel Madison


Strawberry Dove by Kenneth Sui, Paloma Valasco, and Gus Tringale


Independent/Other Course Projects

Emily by Yanbo “Andy” Lui


Kinogram #9 by Colin Wang

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