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FMS Alumni

jamie boots-ebenfield a23 with dylan dempsey a15.jpg

Jamie Boots-Ebenfield (A23) with Dylan Dempsey (A15) at the Tribeca FIlm Festival during

the 2022 CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship

Bona Fide Productions internship

Alumni Support

Tufts alum network stretches far and wide, and many FMS students have benefited from alumni support. There are numerous opportunities for you to engage and offer guidance to Tufts students:


  • Create a media-related internship opportunity at your organization

  • Participate in the FMS Media Winternship program

  • Be a part of a Tufts career panel or event

  • Teach a film or media workshop

  • Host a film screening

  • Mentor a Tufts FMS student

  • Keep in touch and let us know about events, career updates, and more!

Alumni highlights, coming soon!
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