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Celebrating 10 years

CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship +
Bona Fide Productions Internship

Providing transformational experiences in Los Angeles

The CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship and internship provides financial support and transformational experiences to enterprising, creative Tufts students who might otherwise be unable to pursue work opportunities in Los Angeles. Each summer, one student is selected from a pool of applicants to intern at Bona Fide Productions, the award-winning company behind Little Miss Sunshine, Nebraska, Somewhere in Queens, and many other films and projects, including the HBO series The Leftovers.

This internship was established in memory of CJ Saraceno (Tufts, A11) a passionate creator who challenged the status quo. The scholarship is funded by alumni, friends, and family members who cared about CJ – as well as those who were inspired by him.

Saraceno graduated in 2011 with a major in political science and minor in communications and media studies. As a young creative force in Los Angeles, he was dedicated to exploring the modern media landscape through new methods of storytelling. He cultivated a blossoming media career evident in the body of work he has left behind – an impactful portfolio of new media accomplishments and ambitious endeavors. This funded internship program challenges students to turn their passions into opportunities, to find their own creative voice and to make a difference in how stories are told. In the spirit of CJ, students who otherwise would not have the financial means to pursue internships in Los Angeles will be given special consideration, as will those who indicate a desire and capacity to make the most of this opportunity.
One of the many unique aspects of this internship is the community that has been built around it, which includes past recipients, CJ's LA friends who established the scholarship, and the founders of Bona Fide. 

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2024 Internship Details

Bona Fide Productions
Bona Fide Productions is a Los Angeles-based company that has produced films such as Little Miss Sunshine, Little Children, Election, Cold Mountain, King of The Hill, and most recently Ruby Sparks and Nebraska.

Interns are expected to intern at least 35 hours a week for 8-to-10 weeks during the summer. Internship start date: late May/early June. Bona Fide is currently determining whether this year’s Saraceno internship will be remote or in-person. If in person, the intern will work in Los Angeles. A final decision will be made later in the spring.

Responsibilities include reading scripts and writing coverage, watching films and actor/director reels, doing research projects, and, if in person, answering phones and light administrative work. The intern should have an interest in independent film, be able to multi-task, and be Mac-proficient.


The intern will receive a stipend of $4000

2024 Application Details

Summer 2024 applications will open Feb 5, 2024

Open to all Tufts undergraduates who have a GPA of at least 3.0, including graduating seniors

Application Timeline:

  • Feb 5: applications open

  • Feb 19: applications due

  • Mid-Mar: finalists notified for interviews with Bona Fide

Application Required Documents:


Upload all required documents to Interfolio by Feb 19

Tip: Please read the expectations and responsibilities and answer your essay accordingly.


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