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FMS Student Projects

FMS students engage in a wide array of creative endeavors, showcasing their talents and skills across various media forms. FMS student work includes thesis projects, films, scholarly articles, scripts, research projects, and more. The diverse range of works produced by FMS students reflects their passion for the art and craft of film and media creation. These projects not only contribute to their academic growth but also serve as a stepping stone for future careers.

To learn more about our academic program, our faculty works, recent news, and upcoming events please visit our Tufts FMS website.

kaycee 03 storyboard 1.tif
Semblance of Glass

Storyboard breakdown of animated series by Kaycee Feldman

boiling point
Boiling Point

Created by students in

From Script to Screen

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A Buzz That Lasts

A film created by Alissa Chan (A19) for her senior direct-study project.

Behind the Scenes Gallery

Photos from

FMS Senior Thesis Projects

rinse and repeat--jacob ehrlich--poster.jpg
Rinse and Repeat

A film created by Jacob Ehrlich (A20) for his Senior Honors Thesis Project

Shot 4 Lighting DIagram.PNG

Visual breakdown of the final scene of Rendezvous, a film by Colin Wang, by Tyler Markovich

Indie Filmmaking

At the beginning of the fall semester, fourteen eager Film and Media Studies students set off on an adventure to make three short films.

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