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Senior Honors Thesis
Film Screening 2023


Aidan Chang, Hannah Harris, Mike Perik, Kelsey Trollinger, Sophie Szwartz, Dylan Brown


Jake DePinto, Benjamin Bortner, Donovan Menard, Kaycee Feldman, Ella Fasciano, Olivia White

Featured projects and behind the scenes photos

May 3, 2023

Opus by Dylan Brown
In the year 2065 a defeated journalist wins a competition to write the biography of the greatest super influencer of all time known as the philosopher who has come out of hiding after 10 years to release his magnum opus which within it will contain the meaning of life. Screenplay

Turtle Island by Aidan Chang
It is impossible to know anyone fully, but trying is how we can express our love. Turtle Island is a film about the filmmaker’s attempt to understand her ahma—her story, her beliefs, and why she has such a massive collection of turtles. Film

Outdoor Education by Hannah Harris
After Amelia starts her new job as a backpacking instructor at an elite Los Angeles private school, she quickly finds herself entangled with the headmaster’s daughter and internal politics at the school. At The Loomdale School, everyone is watching everyone, and nothing is truly a secret… or is it? As Amelia prepares for the trip, and boundaries continue to drop with the daughter, it becomes clear that the school — advertised as a haven for wellness, academic excellence, and chosen family — is not quite what it seems. Screenplay

Interstate by Michael Perik
Quinn, a small-time criminal on the run, hires Jack, a former hitman, to drive him across the country. However, tensions arise when the two discover they grew up on the same block. Film

Part of the Plan by Sophie Szwatrz
This feature-length comedy screenplay is about two best friends growing apart once going to college. After Molly goes to Spain on her gap year and returns for winter break with a new foreign boyfriend, Jessa struggles to survive college alone and potentially let go of her best friend. Jessa and Molly’s boyfriend battle to convince Molly to stay in their respective countries. Screenplay

The Other Woman by Kelsey Trollinger
When Liz discovers that she is the other woman, and that her relationship was not the fantasy it once seemed to be, she must reevaluate her life and relationship choices while forging new, unexpected friendships. Film

May 4, 2023

Texas Switch by Raynor Ahlstrin-Muniec
Denied from shooting her dream film as her capstone project, rebellious high schooler Oz forms a plan to make it in secret and sneak it into the showcase while evading Mrs. Prichardson, Brentwood Academy’s formidable Dean of Students. Screenplay

Partner in Crime by Ben Bortner
Eight months after Zoe’s parents are divorced, her mother, the headmaster of a struggling Catholic school, refuses to talk to Zoe about the separation. When a boy she has a crush on hints that Zoe’s mother is funneling money from a local public school to St. Anthony’s, the two begin to investigate, uncovering the truth of Zoe’s mother’s involvement. Film


Partner in Crime was also featured in the Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFBoston). The film submission was sponsored by FMS. To learn more about the festival, visit the IFFBoston website.

Angelo by Jake DePinto
When Angelo’s drug addiction spirals, his girlfriend and friends are thrust one-by-one into a chase to save him from a lethal overdose. Film

Hidden Treasures by Ella Fasciano
Ali Chaffai has owned and operated his store Hidden Treasures, located on the second floor of The Garage, for the last 35 years. Now, The Garage is closing. Through Ali’s story, we see how Harvard Square is changing, but also the power, resilience, and beauty in how people approach change. Film

Semblance of Glass by Kaycee Feldman
Guided by a mysterious guardian angel, a teenage girl investigates a series of suicides in her theocratic town but stumbles into a dark cosmic conspiracy. Semblance of Glass animated story boards are featured in our Student Projects blog. Screenplay

The Path of Least Resistance by Donovan Menard
A woman is conscripted to fight in a mysterious war while trapped in a dream. Film

Mr. Sunshine by Olivia White
After a series of unfortunate events, Mr. Sunshine finds himself lost in the Arizona desert where he’s haunted by mirages of himself. Learning of his disappearance, his estranged sister Marjorie works to track him down before it’s too late. Screenplay


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