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Semblance of Glass
Kaycee Feldman

Semblance of Glass

by Kaycee Feldman

Semblance of Glass is a science-fantasy animated series that I developed for my senior honors thesis. The logline: “Guided by a mysterious guardian angel, a teenage girl investigates a series of suicides in her theocratic town but stumbles into a dark cosmic conspiracy.”

For the thesis, I was required to write 3 episodes, a 9-episode season arc, and character biographies. Because of my investment and belief in this project, I did beyond what was expected of me. I am an illustrator, so I designed significant characters and drew concept art. I had the privilege of creating an animatic for a 45-second proof-of-concept with help from Theo Kitsinger and Michael Greene. For the end-of-the-year thesis showcase, I directed a 17-minute audiobook sample featuring the voice work of 7 actors, paired with sound effects and music. The script ran on screen as the audiobook sample played.

My thesis was quite unlike other projects that came before it in the FMS program, so unexpected challenges accompanied it. However, thanks to the support of my advisors, artistic team, and script readers, I was able to overcome these hurdles and produce something I am proud of and that I have continued to work on after graduation. I encourage anyone who is interested in doing something unprecedented to do so — the artistic, scholarly, and personal discoveries that you make along the way are incredibly fulfilling.


Semblance of Glass Animatic

Storyboards by Kaycee Feldman & Theo Kitsinger; Thumbnails by Michael Greene, Edited by Kaycee Feldman

Semblance of Glass Images
Semblance of Glass Script Sample
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