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CJ Saraceno Internship

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Summer 2021

This past summer, the FMS CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship recipient, Kylie Jost-Price, worked a remote internship for Bone Fide Productions in Los Angeles. Kylie's application was chosen from a competitive pool of Tufts students who applied last spring.

The internship was established in memory of C.J. Saraceno (A11) a passionate creator who challenged the status quo. The scholarship is funded by alumni, friends, and family members who cared about C.J. – as well as those who were inspired by him.

Bona Fide Productions primarily consists of independent producers, Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa, who discussed their unique production company in this Los Angeles Times article. Together they have produced many films, such as Cold Mountain, Little Miss Sunshine, and more.


Kyle Jost-Price, Current FMS Senior, Recipient of the CJ Saraceno Internship Scholarship summarizes her experience:

My summer working at Bona Fide Productions through the CJ Saraceno Internship Program far exceeded my expectations. Applying to this internship, I was unsure of the specific field in the film industry I planned to pursue after my time at Tufts. I hoped this opportunity would grant me further insight into these different roles, and was pleasantly surprised when it allowed me to explore so much more. Every week, I was given a script, novel, or project to read and cover, in preparation for my one-on-one discussion with prominent producers, Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa, and their wonderful assistant, Claire. Such a constant influx of new material allowed for me to further develop my own creative taste, all while consistently being exposed to unique stories and styles. After coming to my own opinions on the pieces they would assign me, I was given the incredible opportunity to converse with Albert and Ron on the possibility of having these projects produced into an independent film or series.

Beyond the individual meetings with Albert, Ron, and Claire, I was able to hear from the other interns about their own experiences through the group meetings every Thursday. Here, we were all able to discuss different topics or films that we had been assigned the week prior. Having a designated time each week to contribute thoughts about our shared love of film was such a memorable and fun part of this summer.

Through this internship, I was afforded an immensely personal look into the development and producing process of current independent films. I came out of this summer with a reignited excitement and a much clearer view of my future in film. I am incredibly grateful to the Film and Media Studies department at Tufts, including Leslie Goldberg and Gina O’Connor, as well as the Bona Fide team of Albert, Ron, and Claire. I would also like to sincerely thank the remarkably helpful and kind creators of the CJ Saraceno program, Rosie, Will, and Nancy, who all supported me so much throughout this summer. Thank you all so much.


Post by the CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship on Facebook on September 28, 2021:

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