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Bona Fide Productions: A unique summer experience

by Jamie Boots-Ebenfield

Summer 2022

For the summer CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship and internship, Bona Fide Productions offered a unique experience for the 2022 recipient, Jamie Boots-Ebenfield. With their offices physically closed for the summer, the internship would be remote instead of in Los Angeles. As a way to offer in-person experience, Jamie was invited to join Bone Fide at the Tribeca Film Festival. The rest of the summer was spent working with Bona Fide founders Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa and networking with professionals and past CJ Saraceno winners. This internship is sponsored by the CJ Saraceno Memorial Scholarship, co-founded by alums Rosanna Xia, William Wawro, and Nancy Schrodes, who were a close friends of CJ.

Jamie, an avid filmmaker, wrote, directed, and starred in this video story about his experience

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