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Mixed-Use: A Night of Expanded Cinema with the AgX Film Collective

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

On Thursday, September 27th, 2018, Film and Media Studies hosted the event, Mixed-Use: A Night of Expanded Cinema with the AgX Film Collective. Mixed-Use was a film and video experience by AgX Film Collective that engaged the architecture and natural elements on the rooftop of Tisch Library. As the city of Boston rapidly evolves, this immersive experience explored our interactions with this changing landscape through image and sound. This projection project was a chance for the Tufts community to explore how film and space can be in conversation with one another beyond the traditional single channel experience.

The AgX Film Collective is an artist-run film lab and collective for moving image artists in the Boston area that focuses on the creation and appreciation of photochemical filmmaking. The collective collaborated on this interactive piece with ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX, a music and multimedia consort based in New England that performs 20th-century masterworks alongside 21st century avant-garde music in the European aesthetic.

by Natalie Minik, FMS Lecturer and Technical Support Specialist

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