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rinse and repeat sr thesis

Rinse and Repeat
Jacob Ehrlich

Rinse and Repeat

Jacob Ehrlich (A20), writer, director, editor

An immigrant restaurant worker, Tomás, shares his plan to transport his family across the border with a wealthy college student, Jonah, yet the plan is complicated by Tomás’ drug-addicted and abusive roommate, Julio.

Rinse and Repeat has been featured in a number of film festivals, including the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival and the Mystic Film Festival.

Justin Tran (A20) documented the evolution of this film, which was initially presented as a FMS Senior Honors Thesis project. During the course of the project, Jacob was interviewed by Justin Tran, who explored the details of the creative process involved in its development.

To learn more about the film and filmmaker, visit Jacob Ehrlich's website here.

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