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Remembering Sam Lobley, A19

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Tufts Now remembers Sam Lobley, A19, as a gifted writer and Phi Beta Kappa member, who passed away from complications of cystic fibrosis nine days before graduation. Read the full article here.

In addition to receiving his Tufts English degree, Sam also completed this Film and Media Studies minor. Sam took Screenwriting I during the Spring 2017 semester with Professor Khary Jones, who remembers Sam with this tribute: "Sam was a real talent. My heart goes out to his family and friends. This is such a loss. I did not get to know him outside of the classroom but was always impressed by his consistently high level of work and the insightful notes he gave to his classmates. He came to the course as an already very capable writer of prose fiction and was eager to figure out the screenplay form. I quickly learned that Sam had a real gift for creating deeply motivated characters with unique voices. Sam was also the rare young writer who was adept at going beyond genre and the conventions of dramatic storytelling to create highly idiosyncratic, thoughtful, and entertaining work that was unmistakably their own. In the classroom, he was the good citizen that writing workshops depend on: Always engaged.Always attentive to the challenges of his fellow writers. Always interested in their work and the characters and worlds they were creating".

- Tufts Now, tribute by Professor Khary Jones

Read more in this Tufts Daily tribute to Sam.

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