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Updated: Jul 12, 2023


This year's Winternships took place from January 6-10 in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York.

The Tufts Daily profiled the program and talked to past winterns and FMS Internship Adminstrator, Leslie Goldberg about the program and their experiences. Read the full article here.

To learn more about the Winternship program visit our website.


Testimonials from Tufts students who participated in the 2020 Winternship program

Anna Champion (A20), United Talent Agency, Los Angeles

I am extremely grateful for my week at UTA this past winter break. While it may seem like “what can you get done in a week?”, rest assured that it is the best crash course to agency life that you can receive. Everyone was more than willing to have a conversation with you about their paths in the industry which were always interesting and advice filled. As someone with one semester left in college these talks could not have been more helpful. It greatly helped ease my anxieties to hear that many of the professionals who are successful in their field also had a period of uncertainty after college, but assured me that experiences like the one I had in LA and the connections I made there were exactly what I needed to be doing. Extremely helpful were Laura and all of the Tufts alumni that we met with who were so welcoming of all our questions and so nice!! It was the perfect way to get our foot in the door at one of the top talent agencies and expand my network of connections out in the LA area. Thank you to Leslie, the FMS department, and everyone at UTA who made my week so special.


Kylie Jost-Price, Tufts Sophomore, WGBH Radio, Boston

My experience at WGBH Radio was so much more than I could have imagined. Not only did my advisor at the station, Hannah, provide such a varied and expansive experience throughout the different radio and TV shows, but every person I met or spent time with was so genuine in their conversations with me. The opportunities this Winternship afforded me to better understand the inner-workings of a leading radio and TV station were invaluable. Every day was filled with new insights into careers I would love to pursue in the future, showing me, first-hand, how such important stories are broadcasted to the public. It was also so great to meet people that so genuinely want you to succeed in this profession, offering up their useful advice when asked any question. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience from start until finish and would like to thank Tuft’s FMS Department for organizing such an incredible opportunity!


Caleb Symons (A20), The Boston Globe Magazine, Boston

I began my winternship at the Boston Globe Magazine both excited and skeptical of how impactful a single week there could be. Five days allayed my concerns—and then some. My winternship sponsor, staff writer Neil Swidey, quickly trusted me with an assignment doing historical research for his story on a 1970 airplane hijacking. My background in journalism mainly consists of short-term news, with an emphasis on timeliness, so I learned a lot watching Neil probe every detail in order to develop a compelling long form narrative. It was rewarding to see much of my research in his story when it was published two months later! The Globe’s staff was also remarkably generous with their time. Nearly every day, I spoke with a reporter or editor—including one of my journalism idols, Spotlight editor Patricia Wen—about their career, and I’ve already relied on advice from those discussions in my own reporting and job search. The staff’s generosity continued after my winternship, as I’ve handled several assignments for the magazine in the months since and even contributed a story for their coronavirus-themed issue.

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