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Hands-on Experience: Nothing Beats Our FMS Internships and Winternships!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Careers in media—perhaps more than in some other industries—demand that college graduates enter the field with significant hands-on experience under their belts. That’s why FMS encourages students to participate in internships and other immersive experiences during the year. For example, our popular “Winternship” program gives students exposure to the media industry for a week during the January break. This year, several new companies signed on to participate in the program; 30 students from a large applicant pool went to media sites around the country, where they shadowed media professionals and worked on special projects. At our post-Winternship reception in late January, Winterns were brimming with excitement about their “boot-camp” style experiences; from participating in strategy meetings at C-Space in Boston to learning about talent agency life at United Talent Agency in L.A., all of our students gained hands-on experience, were mentored by attentive Tufts alumni, and were inspired to further pursue their interests in the media industry.

FMS’s for-credit internship program was also very active this year. Our fall Internship Panel and spring Careers in Media gave students insights into how hands-on experiences can lead to successful media careers. Many students took advantage of the myriad media internships throughout Boston and surrounding communities as well. Interning in the fields of journalism, advertising, film, multimedia, marketing, and nonprofit communications, FMS interns were able to plan and implement a range of real media projects, from filming and editing video to writing newspaper copy, media plans, and more. Students also had the chance to meet with clients, network, and learn from top-notch professionals.

One exciting aspect of these internships is that students discover that media careers are everywhere. Beyond the traditional advertising agencies, film production houses, and newspapers, students are discovering that they can hone their skills in writing, marketing, film editing, social media, and other aspects of communication in a range of industries, from nonprofits like the Sierra Club to foodie websites like BostonChefs. Here’s what a few of our spring interns had to say about their internship experiences.

If you have a media-related internship at your company and would like to host a Tufts student—or if you would like to participate in future Winternship programs—please contact Gina O'Connor at (summer months) Leslie Goldberg at (academic year).

-Leslie Goldberg, FMS Internship Administrator

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