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Faculty Highlights, Fall 2021

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Fall 2021-2022

Academy Museum in Los Angeles, opening Fall 2021

Susan Napier, Tufts Goldthwaite Professor of Rhetoric and Japanese Studies, recently participated in a Anime Expo panel for the upcoming opening of the Hayao Miyazaki exhibit at the Academy Museum.The panel featured two of the curators of the exhibition plus a journalist from the Los Angeles Times and Susan. Of the exhibit, Susan said:

"This really is a big deal – the “Academy” are the people who hand out the Oscars and they have been around since 1926. The fact that they have chosen to inaugurate the new museum NOT by honoring Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino but rather by honoring a non-American, non-Western director who specializes in animation is pretty breathtaking. Tears actually came to my eyes when I heard about it.

The exhibit will run from the end of September through the end of June 2022 so I’m attaching a link to information about it. I know that some of our students are from California so they could go to it fairly easily and I’m betting that other students are serious fans who will want to go!"

In September, Professor Napier attended the opening gala for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Susan had excellent adventure at the new Academy of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. Here is a photo of her trying to imitate the expression of Kiki, the Ghibli character in the mural who was about to seek her fortune in the wide world!

This fall, Professor Napier taught Disney Studios Meets Studio Ghibli and Cinema of the Apocalypse. Details for both can be found on our FMS courses page.


Time Magazine celebrates with 20th anniversary of Miyazki's Sprited Away

July 20, 2021 was the the twentieth anniversary of Miyazaki’s most famous film Spirited Away. Time Magazine's comprehensive look at the film includes insights from anime scholar and Tufts professor, Susan Napier.


Firelight Media Announces 2021 Recipients for The William Greaves Fund

Firelight Media, the premier destination for nonfiction cinema by and about communities of color, is pleased to announce the recipients for the second year of its William Greaves Fund. Khary Saeed Jones, Night Fight (U.S.) Night Fight documents a week in the life of a Black man in the United States as it seizes and convulses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the police killing of George Floyd, and the most consequential presidential election in the nation’s history. As he attempts to step out of the long shadow cast by an act of racial violence, he contemplates enacting one himself.


Origins of the Species wins Best Documentary at the Philip K Dick Film Festival

Origins of the Species is a film about Ethics, tech and robotics, and envisioning the future of AI and its impact on our relationships, desire, and humanity itself. Directed by experimental film pioneer Abigail Child and produced by Tufts Professor of the Practice, Jennifer Burton along with Five Sisters Productions.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Storytellers, Sci-Fi, and Unreliable Mirrors

Last year, Don Schechter, FMS Professor of the Practice and owner of Charles River Media, gave a TEDxTufts talk, which is now available to watch!

How do we overcome imposter syndrome? In his talk, Don draws from his varied experiences of learning on the fly to unpack how we can build our own image. From lessons in screenwriting to storytelling, he shows us that the most important factor of overcoming our own insecurities, doubts, and reservations is the power of our own narrative.


The Catalyzer Podcast by Mark Russell

FMS Professor of the Practice, Jennifer Burton and her four sisters of the film company, Five Sisters Productions, talk with Mark Russell in the latest episode of the podcast, The Catalyzers. They discuss how they’re leveraging the art of storytelling in film to create the change they want to see in the world. They share how they’ve been successful working together under one, shared mission and tips for the next generation of change-makers looking to make a positive impact. Listen to the podcast

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