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"Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore": A Story of Deportation

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Documentary Filmmaker, David Sutherland (A67) returned to Tufts to screen his recent film, Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore. The film went on to premiere on PBS in April 2019.

One afternoon while driving to work, Marcos Perez was pulled over for running a yellow light. He was later deported, and his wife, Elizabeth Perez, a US Army and Marine veteran, began a seven-year battle to keep their family together. Now, as Marcos struggles alone in Mexico, Elizabeth must survive as a single mother while fighting tirelessly for her husband to return to the US. As Elizabeth’s efforts hit brick wall after brick wall, she and Marcos are forced to confront the realities of US immigration law. In the end, Marcos and Elizabeth must consider the impossible in order to reunite the family.



During his visit, David recorded an episode of Tell Me More , a Tufts University podcast featuring brief conversations with the thinkers, artists, makers, and shapers of our world.


Recommended links:

David Sutherland website / Facebook / Twitter


Compiled by Gina O'Connor, FMS Program Administrator

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