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Commencement 2020

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

May 17, 2020

Congratulations to the FMS Class of 2020! Tufts conferred Film and Media Studies degrees to the following students:

FMS Majors: Ana Sophia Acosta, Asli Akova, Anna Antoniadis,Brooke Bernstein, Jacqueline Bonnet, Dana Brooks, Noah Brown, Anna Champion, Conor Chepenik, Emma Damokosh, Jacob Ehrlich, Ben Gaspin, Thomas Gillespie, Kate Golding, Joshua Kim, Danny Klain, Morgan Kleinberg, Lucy Maguire, Benjamin Mallon, David Meyer, Boyce Myers, Orsolya Nagy, Rachel Napoliello, Benard Ngaruiya, Harrison Queeney, Jennifer Ravasia, Darren Rubin, Kristen Schretter, Seohyun Shim, Elliott Shin, Alexander Steinberg, Julia Todesco, and Madeline Weir.

FMS Minors: Julia Atkins, Celia Glastris, Evan Hirschman, Kaitlynn Hong, Danielle Lowe, Haebin Ra, Gabriela Romero, Justin Tran, Michelle Waslick, Shannon Yogerst

All of us at FMS are proud of our recent graduate's accomplishments--especially all that they were able to wrap-up in the spring when campus closed for COVID-19 restrictions. It was a challenging end to their Tufts careers, but they did it! We look forward to celebrating them all as soon as possible!

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