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From Script to Screen
Film Screening 2023

script to screen

Films from Don Schechter's Script to Screen class.

Orenthal: The Savior by Jason Wallace & Kelly Kimbis
Told from the perspective of a stuffed capybara toy, Orenthal: The Savior revolves around the death of Orenthal’s previous owner, Joey. Ezekiel, Orenthal’s new owner and Joey’s boyfriend, visits Joey’s family home in an attempt to grapple with his sadness, but things don’t go quite according to plan.


Goldfish by Abby Sommers, Varun Nagpal, Nick Pietrzak, Peter Wiehe, Justin Rubenstein
A cold-hearted, cutthroat film executive experiences amnesia, but begins to recover memories after an incident at work. As she pieces together more of the past, it becomes clear that she has chosen to enlist the services of a clandestine organization to wipe her painful memories. Now she stands at a crucial crossroads where she must decide whether to continue the cycle of forgetting to protect her career, or face her reality, the consequences of her past, and the people she once loved and betrayed.


Feet by Freddie Kim and Sarah Jun
A short film about modern online dating and shoes.


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