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From Script to Screen

Collaborative films from Don Schechter's Script to Screen class.
Mon, Apr 29 @ 6:00 pm in Barnum 08
Where's Manny
by Odessa Gaines, Erika Jolie, & Tom Xiao

When careless high schooler Chase accidentally takes his classmate Almanny's exam paper, he embarks on a journey to find Manny and return the paper while learning the meaning of responsibility and friendship.

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A Reunion of Strangers
by Nick Phan, Jupiter Westbard, Ethan Sims, & Jake Ren

An AirBnB owner struggles with balancing his responsibilities as a host and the needs of his wife all while witnessing his 2 guests, two estranged friends, try to mend what was broken

by Cole McIlvaine, John Mulvihill, Sam Ringrose, Marco Steel, & Ilai Sternoff

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