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Directed Studies


Directed Studies film screening, presented with Senior Thesis and Independent Filmmaking
Thur, May 2 @ 6:00 pm in Barnum 08
One Hour & Twenty-two Minutes
by Yanbo Liu

In November, 2023, during the Battle of Bahkmut, a young Russian VDV soldier encounters an old Ukrainian soldier in battle who turns out to serve in the same unit that he's in, but back in the Soviet Era. The two engages in a fierce confrontation about the meaning of this war, to only discover that they are nothing more than pawns waiting for their death.

by Keira Myles

A short film drama about an abusive director forcing two actors to run a scene repeatedly.

The King of Clarke County Middle School
by Abby Sommers

A washed-up Elvis Presley impersonator loses his job at a kitschy amusement park, so he must find work as a middle school music teacher.

by Adrian Wong

An artist films a performance art piece in public, oblivious to the happenings in the environment around them.

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